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2 ocicat tawny females looking for ....
10-13-2012, 10:10 PM
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Heart 2 ocicat tawny females looking for ....
Single male cats Heart with oci tawny fur or more recessive.

? Avalise likes to roll in the grass and play with small helpless rodents.
Fur: Ocicat - Tawny
Eyes: Gerbera Purple (Mysterious|Small)
Shade: Glitter
Tail: Boo Boo
Ears: Genesis
Whiskers: Silver (Guitar)

? Calleigh likes quiet sneaking up and pouncing. Interested in a quick roll in the hay. No commitments
Fur: Ocicat - Tawny
Eyes: Blue Ice (Curious|Small)
Shade: Illume
Tail: Mysterious
Ears: Mysterious
Whiskers: White (Mysterious)
Size: Normal

Please contact AnnLorene by reply or inworld. Smile

Alori (aka AnnLorene)
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