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FYI: Michelle is missing
07-06-2024, 04:10 AM
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Sad FYI: Michelle is missing
Hi, I'm Tijakool and together with my bunny Cale we are the dudes behind the [CaT] Auction Scheduler and other scripted tools for the Kittycats.
We've gotten a few inquiries about what's going on with Michelle and if we know anything more.
She does the support for the planning in the [CaT] Auction Scheduler and the needed Mats and other things.

I had the last contact with her outside and in Second Life on April 21, 2024, since then unfortunately no further information or confirmed news.
Cale has taken over the deputy support for the [CaT] Auction Scheduler and Mats and helps out there and for inquiries or change requests please contact the "CaTAuctionsScheduler Resident".
Currently he is also working on an update of the website to make the support even more efficient.

Unfortunately we can only help out here, with the tools that are directly from Michelle and have been sold by her and are still being sold,
we can unfortunately not help, as we have no access to the tools or Michelle's server, which is needed for this.
The server has been offline for several weeks and therefore some of her tools no longer work.

If there is news I would update this here then.

Questions/clarics/suggestions and of course tips to keep the system running are always welcome from Cale or me.

Cheers, Tija‚ô•

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