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Our Kitties!
05-12-2024, 08:25 PM
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Our Kitties!
My fiance Archer and I are proud kitty parents to four rescue kitties! When I was younger, I used to volunteer at a free-roaming cat facility and work to help cats get adopted, especially working to educate people on cats positive with FIV and such or going on rescues a couple of times during storms or hoarding homes (for privacy I can't post the incident names because it would give away my living location). My mom and I also used to do a lot of foster care for cats too in my teens, so cats have always been a huge part of my life and I love them sooo much!

[Image: My-Kitties.png]

We have four kitties right now, not planning anymore! Chai was adopted as a companion to my kitty Jorah, who sadly is no longer with us because of a heart condition he was born with (one of the hardest losses I've ever had in my life).... Sad She was thrown away by someone who tossed her in the trash, because of this she has tummy issues and has to be on special food. She's the sweetest kitty ever and acts like a mommy to Zelda, which after having to put my baby Jorah to sleep because of his heart condition I found her outside alone very tiny. (I feel like I was meant to find her, she looks exactly like Jorah) The vets believe she might have a genetic issue, which is why even though she's an adult she is still so tiny like a kitten and she also suffers from allergies.

We adopted Archer for Zelda (and he was too cute to pass on, haha), which he was a single kitten that needed a home and we didn't want her to grow up with "single kitten syndrome" so it worked out because he was also a lonely baby plus they're only a week apart in age! Mona, someone sadly decided to drive into our town before winter and drop off a ton of barn cats they didn't want anymore... We managed to catch Mona in specific out of the cats, got her checked out (she's 100% healthy, yay!) and got her spayed seeing she wasn't. A few people tried to catch her and had been feeding her, but she chose us and is a sweetheart!

Our cats are VERY spoiled, they have an automatic water fountain. Special food for Chai and great food for the others. They have THREE large cat trees, lol. And we even built them a Catio, then yesterday spent 6 hours doing some upgrades. The amount of toys they have is INSANE!!!! My kitties are my babies and I love them so much! Haha, sorry to write a novel... I wanted to give some back story on them with the photos. Zelda and Archer are a year old. Chai is only two years old. And then they suspect Mona is about four years old, we found her when she was already and adult. All cats are fixed!
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