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Playing with making Abyssinian Black Silver anime-ish kitten pics
02-01-2024, 03:54 AM (This post was last modified: 02-01-2024 04:02 AM by Kayla Woodrunner.)
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Playing with making Abyssinian Black Silver anime-ish kitten pics
Like I said, I have way too many boxes, so I was looking at them after bringing them up the other day and started wtih A furs, I looked at my Abyssinian Black Silvers boxes.
So this cat (one of my earliest, birthed July 2014)

[Image: 0d400cce908fd33cf465e9177a07d008.png]

inspired this cat

[Image: 9f7707caeeb6a8b3fdaf2f7e39831615.jpg]

i used to draw manga but I don't really have drawing space right now. Plus I'm really out of practice with watercolor and ink. So I play with ai art with artbreeder. I like artbreeder because I can pull in my own photographs (including SL photos) or make a collage, add some words (I write haiku often), and work with it until it makes something I like. Honestly it's kind of back and forth between making a pic, pulling it into photoshop and then putting it back into ai, kind of a back and forth thing until i get what I like.

now the collage tool is a pen that you draw with. It's sort of a rough idea of a kitty with the colors I wanted.
here's the collage I created as my starter. The pen makes a kind of papercut effect because you draw solid shapes and fill them in with color. I did try to make a pointed soft fold ear but gave up.
[Image: 238eed1c523fd4b43a87a86b7c7b575f.png]

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