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KittyCatS! Love Collection 2023 - LOVE PARADE!
02-04-2023, 04:57 PM
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KittyCatS! Love Collection 2023 - LOVE PARADE!
Presenting the LOVE PARADE!
The 2023 LOVE Collection
From KittyCatS!
KittyCatS! is proud to present our 2023 Love Collection - LOVE PARADE!
We want to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit ALL YEAR!!!
This festive and fun collection is inspired by the Chinese New Year and features an array of cute and colorful Kitties, all dressed up in their finest couture attire!
Each cat comes with 2 hat choices, 2 ear textures AND the choice to use Rabbit OR Cat ears so you can customize them to your liking!
They also come with collectible Food, Fortune cookie Mouth food and special packaging for each Design!
Whether you're a longtime fan of KittyCatS! or a new community member looking for a fun and unique way to carry that new year energy ALL YEAR LONG, the Love Parade Collection has the LOVE and good fortune to carry you through the year!
We LOVED creating this collection for YOU and poured every ounce of LOVE we had into it!
Let's celebrate LIFE, LIVING and the year of the rabbit ALL year in this purrfect way!
Your KittyCatS! Team
KittyCatS! - LOVE PARADE! Facts!
= Are the KittyCatS LOVE PARADE! cats transferable? - yes, after you rez them!
= Do they come with food? yes! they come with one week food, 5% love vitamins, one love drop and one portable food (these items are not transferable)
= Can I buy more than one? - yes!
= Can I sell or trade them? - yes!
= Do they pass on their coats/eyes/tails/ears? -the LOVE PARADE! cats are a specially designed collectible cat with random Genesis KittyCat traits which have the potential to pass their hidden traits like any other Genesis KittyCat. They can carry the genes of the new traits and furs that can only be discovered through breeding.
= Can they breed something special? – yes! If you breed 2 LOVE PARADE! kitties together they will give you a really lovely special baby you will NOT want to miss!
Get them here:
©2023 KittyCatS! all rights reserved. All names, titles, and text ©KittyCatS! and may not be used without permission.

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”
― Charles Dickens
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