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Kitty cat dice roll give away.
05-05-2022, 11:14 AM (This post was last modified: 05-06-2022 08:50 AM by Nymph Zenith.)
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Kitty cat dice roll give away.
Kitty cat dice.

The Last Storybook sim owner and A Dedicated kitty breeder and wide variety of collection has decided his many kitties need new homes, and did place an almost free kitty dice roller.

(is an adults only sim)

There is a catch you have to gather in world game gold from the sim, no lindens are needed and there are many ways to gather gold via the hud, from dice to chests and other fun things and various events from time to time.

once you have enough then you can roll , there are two levels

MAGIC KITTY = 1000 Gold
KITTY = 5000 Gold

We are hoping they find good homes and that other enjoy both the kittes and the games that are on the sim. It is an adventure and a chance to find some unique kitties.

The gold hud is in the sim hub and i do suggest reading the rules.

thank you and happy gaming.
<3[Image: 88SHM0s]

If you have questions contact me Nymph Zenith inworld.[Image: 88SHM0s]
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06-16-2022, 02:44 PM
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RE: Kitty cat dice roll give away.
just an update on a change.

Prices are now - 2000 game gold for the normal and
5000 game gold for the more rare kitties.

we will not be hosting a freebie dice anymore as someone logged in all their alts to clean it out , while we won't do anything since it was free. This is frowned upon as behavior as it was meant to be in good spirits for the kitty cat community and not for one person alone. so game gold only and no more free.

thank you.
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