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Collection KittyCatS For Sale To Benefit My RL Kitty!
04-10-2022, 07:21 AM
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Rainbow Collection KittyCatS For Sale To Benefit My RL Kitty!
Hi there! I'm selling off some of my collection cats because my real life kitty Gambit needs some serious help.

Urinary tract blockages are common in male kitties, and they can become very serious, very rapidly. Right now, my poor little ginger tabby baby can't go pee, and so I need to get him help ASAP (he is at the vet's, catheterized right now, and bills are mounting up!). So this is me, doing what I can to come up with as much as I can, as quickly as I can. ♥

Here is what is currently out for sale - but as kitties are sold, new ones may appear!

• PERMA ♂ Love Letters - S.W.A.K
• PERMA ♂ KittyCornS! - Cotton Candy
• RET ♀ Mummy Mia! - Moldie Oldie
• RET ♂ Mummy Mia! - Putrid Purple
• RET ♂ Day Of The Dead - Black
• RET ♀ Day Of The Dead - White

Cats for sale found here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cr...239/147/21

Thanks for taking a peek! More info about Gambit can be found at my shop, and there's also a very special "Sweet Kitty" chair (comes in 3 colors) in a Pay-Whatever-You-Want-To vendor there (even L$1 will get you the item!) Every little helps, and it's all for my sweet RL baby. ♥

Owner: [JNXD.]
Auctioneer: Realm Kitty Quickies w/ Kiki
Once you've been in the dark, you appreciate everything that shines.
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