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Fancie Cat Suggestions
05-18-2020, 09:41 AM
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Fancie Cat Suggestions
After several of the same random fur given and for the value of what they cost, I would like to propose that like the menagerie cats (which also have size selection option that Fancie does not), that we could CHOOSE which Fancie Cat we want to enjoy as our very special prize. If buying the gems, these cats are worth considerably more than the menagerie cats, but have less options of choice. I enjoy the surprise gem every week and love these cats, although the eye is the only passable trait. Please give us the option to choose which fur of the current selection of 8 (hoping there are new Fancie cats to come in the future).

I would also like to propose that when cashing in the gems that we should be allowed to use mixed denominations of gems, rather than switch to all one sort in order to convert for our Fancie. The gems are recorded on our accounts, so it is known which we have and how many of each we own. Otherwise, perhaps there could be a converter box at the main store for payment of gems to get the Fancie or convert from one type to another, rather than beg fellow collectors to help us convert to all one denomination of gem to cash them in.

This would not in any way prevent anyone from buying/selling/trading as they usually do, but would additionally enhance the joy of owning a Fancie by making purchase/trade a better experience for those of us who would rather purchase/cash-in at main store rather than having to post unanswered trades in the forums. Viva la Fancie Cat!

Best wishes and be well!
Luckylady Llewellyn
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