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New Eye! Blinking Octopus
03-25-2020, 05:51 AM
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RE: New Eye! Blinking Octopus
(03-25-2020 01:12 AM)MitsuruKirijo06 Resident Wrote:  
(03-24-2020 10:15 PM)Callie Cline Wrote:  they eyes can't be turned off, they will ONLY appear on the eyes from the collection (there are 3 in all) and are just a little fun thing but will not be on other eyes. Smile just the color and the variations (curious, and mysterious small and large) and that's all! hopefully some of you like them enough to use them to make cool cats that are a bit "different" -

hope that clarifies!

This does not really help. What you say implies that the new 3rd eye is not breedable but then you go on to say you want to see us make different cats with them. If it only appears on eyes from the collection then why is it showing up on the offspring? Last of all it isn't the new "eyes" some of us want to be able to turn off. It is the 3rd eye some of us want to be able to turn off or remove. To me a 3rd eye belongs on a costume. Not a breedable cat.

What Callie was saying was that the 3rd eye cannot be turned off and it will only appear as a feature on the 3 eyes released with this collection, it will not appear with any existing eyes. These 3 new eyes were stated as being breedable long before any cats actually bred. Therefore, the 3 eye colours found so far featuring this 3rd eye are the only ones that will have it and its a feature of this eye design not a new trait in its own right. Turning it off would be akin to turning off one eye in a regular eye trait to create a one eyed cat.

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