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xmas decoration contest is open, ride your mega
12-20-2019, 03:02 AM (This post was last modified: 12-20-2019 03:09 AM by Kayla Woodrunner.)
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xmas decoration contest is open, ride your mega
Come out to the Kittycats Winter Decoration Contest. Ride a mega and see what a great job everyone did on their xmas decorations and of course KC's awesome kittycat vignettes. (gifs take a m inute to load. If you want to see them faster, copy the url and go directly to the gyazo site for a faster experience)

first we are off to the races
[Image: 6ee24d031328774af331cb25fa05361d.gif]

Don't know if we have enough time to do photos of everyone's set (busy in RL) so am doing a tour by gyazo gifs. The best way to view the winter decoration contest is on your own mega! or a Raindeers2 mega that you can rez there in the rez zone next to the mega track. (you have to use the rez zone in the little square if you want to rez your own mega but you can ride out of it, on the mega. If you rez elsewhere, you won't be able to rez)
the rez zone

then ride out to see the new collection cats
[Image: 68acbbef8e55f952dacdb84babc796fc.gif]

I'm really bad at turning my mega around, lol. So let's try that again, shall we? You can tour all the decorations with Kittycats that everyone did. Touch the star to vote for the ones you like --- vote for as many as you want -- one or all of them. There is no voting limit.
[Image: a83410982b10611bf13dbf7c7fea2162.gif]

you can play the outlaw and race the train
[Image: fade3dbcaa64bccccc311c89853e9cf9.gif]

what if you don't have your own mega? No worries. KC has you covered. Click the sign to rez a mega to ride -- too bad we can't keep it! Drooling! I want that mega! And don't forget to tour the cute Kittycats scenes scattered throughout

[Image: e9f44b0d16ae25ee12b75927afca951e.gif]

if you ride your own mega, don't forget to get off at the rez zone and pick up your mega.

hope you enjoyed the quick tour and hope you can visit!

Kayla and Winter

"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this." Terry Pratchett
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12-30-2019, 05:18 PM
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RE: xmas decoration contest is open, ride your mega
oh wow that is so cool! thank you for doing that!! did you get to dance with santa?? lol it was fun!
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