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RE: New fur Tiger Purple Kiwi
09-08-2019, 01:53 PM
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RE: New fur Tiger Purple Kiwi
(09-08-2019 01:45 PM)Ares6609 Titian Wrote:  OK I know it has been a while but these cats are so stubborn. I currently have something to post at least. It wont be big news I am sure we have all guessed it but I pulled a Purple Kiwi kitten from under a Pandie Fawn.

So That confirms that Purple Kiwi is recessive to Pandie Fawn.

The Bali Seal Lynx are a tough bunch, I have yet to pull or get a purple kiwi from them. I have gotten some hidden furs but none are the purple kiwi. I even pulled the hider from the bengal black. I have aadded a few Burmilla Lilac shaded to pull the hiders from some of the offspring. I will keep you posted.

Amazing work Ares I am sure you will get that placement soon Smile

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