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Suggestion: Cattery Folders/Custom Categories
10-30-2018, 09:33 PM
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Suggestion: Cattery Folders/Custom Categories
Good evening, all.

I am only just starting with KittyCats, and I must say that I love the Cattery system...ssoo much easier than having to keep everything in-world. Certainly a much better organization opportunity when one forgets pedigree information.

As I was looking through the Cattery, I noticed that there is a way to sort by gender, partnered, and boxes. However, that brought me to think of something. It would be awesome if there was a way (perhaps via the ability to make new folders or custom categories) to sort cats into projects?

I am a detail-oriented person and have done a lot with genetics in RL, so my mind immediately goes to "projects" *laughs*. I only have 4 cats at the moment, but I already have them sorted (mentally) into two projects that I want to work on (specific eye, fur, etc.) that is going to take more than one breeding. It would be great to put each pair and their kittens into their respective "project" folder/category, so I can keep track of them as my numbers grow.

Granted, I could come up with a naming system, and I will. However, I just thought I would suggest the project folder/category idea while I was thinking about it.

Thank you all for providing such a great breedable community and experience. I am very much looking forward to getting further into the breeding aspect! I have already had a lot of fun with a Bingo game and a fishing tournament.

-Sabray Mykot-
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