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Genghis the Conqueror is lonely no longer.
08-01-2018, 05:05 PM
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Genghis the Conqueror is lonely no longer.
I went looking for a suitable concubine for Genghis Khan,
and found several nice megas, which I added to the Island.

But then I found The One!

One moon goddess, worthy of Genghis Khan.
Her name was, and shall remain, (as she insisted when I tried to change it):
Marlowe. The Divine.

An odd choice, in my humble opinion,
but who am I to argue with a Deity?

Isn't she glorious?

[Image: marlowe1b.jpg]

[Image: marlowe2.jpg]

[Image: marlowe3.jpg]

[Image: kittycats%2Bsignature5.jpg]
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08-05-2018, 11:22 PM (This post was last modified: 08-05-2018 11:31 PM by Fennet Resident.)
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The rest of the story: The Photobomber
Genghis the megapuss wasn't exactly a lonely boy.

[Image: lonely-genghis3.jpg]

He had plenty of other kittycat playmates,
he simply didn't have any his own size.

[Image: lonely-genghis2.jpg]

He dreamed of someday finding a pal he didn't
have to worry about stepping on all the time.

[Image: lonely-genghis1.jpg]

One day, I brought home a bandit girl.
As tiny as she was, I knew she'd grow up to be
a megacat Goddess worthy of Genghis' attention.

[Image: bandit1.jpg]

And suddenly, the world was full
of megapussi looking for a home.

Minerva the tawny toyger was next to arrive on the island.

[Image: bandit%2Bphotobomb2.png]

Following right on her heels was Marlowe,
la Tigre Blanca, Moon Goddess extraordinaire.

[Image: marlowe.jpg]

The tiny Island is now crawling with megapuss girls of
all colors and sizes, each one trying to catch Genghis' eye.

[Image: megas3.jpg]

(They also do their best to catch my attention,
as anyone with kittycats already knows.)

[Image: megas4.jpg]

All of the kittycats love to pose in front of the camera,
but the bandit with the firey eyes is the biggest camera hog of all.

[Image: megas2.jpg]

She loves to photobomb the other cats,
As soon as I have a nice shot lined up,
in jumps the photobombing bandit.

[Image: bandit-photobomb2.jpg]

Don't tell her I said so, but she is a very photogenic cat,

[Image: bandit-photobomb3.jpg]

Now that the island is home to Genghis' megapuss harem,
he's looking for ways to escape the girls and go off on his own.

[Image: megas1.jpg]

I introduced him to my flying tree.
Up he climbs, and he and I take off to explore the grid.

[Image: tree-genghis.jpg]

I'm sure that there will be many adventures to follow...

[Image: kittycats%2Bsignature5.jpg]
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