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FYI - Update on KittyCatS Birthday & Love Collection
02-18-2018, 12:25 PM
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RE: FYI - Update on KittyCatS Birthday & Love Collection
I so much agree with all who say: Take your time! Take your time, it is your time, more so your life, Callie! We can wait!
Once I had an accident happen and to deal with a broken foot. Gosh, me, a rushing, running, eager, impatient person, always so many important things to do, in addition just moved to a new city. That accident was soooo inappropriate! ^^. Soon I could see I was on the wrong track somehow (obviously Big Grin). I was forced to slow down, learning the hard (but in the end good) way, appreciating each little successful movement... and each tiny flower and stone and ant and bug on my way, because it took ages to walk from A to B. Lol, I recall the stairs I was sliding down on my bottom slowly, because I wasn't able to manage climbing downstairs with those crutches. 6 weeks... in a hot summer. Well, just a little story... what I meant to say is:
Life is magic, goes and flows, whatever happens, this too will pass. Heart
My heartiest get-well wishes!
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