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Requests for next Update
08-29-2017, 05:50 PM (This post was last modified: 08-31-2017 04:55 PM by Evolving Yin.)
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RE: Requests for next Update
Another issue I constantly deal with is duplicate delete me errors. Maybe, it is because I breed too many cats. I am really working toward getting this down.

This error is causing me a great deal of time and grief. I find a cat with this error. If I could search by ID # or open the cats pedigree from the box with the error, I could quickly determine if I already have this cat in inventory and just delete it; however, to many times I find that the original cat has this error so I can not trust to do this. Instead I have to look at the image and try to determine what traits the cat has, and then search in my cattery and hud to determine if this truly is a duplicate, or if I need to file a ticket.

If this cat box has traits unidentifiable by looking at the image, or if it is a cat I have a lot like I am in trouble! I have spent a ridiculous amount of time opening cats in my cattery to compare ID numbers and determine if I truly can delete the cat. A link to the pedigree of the cat with the error would save me a considerable amount of time, and maybe even KittyCat representatives answering tickets for cats who truly are a duplicate but the owner cannot easily locate the original.

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