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Petition against kill shelters, please help!
11-03-2016, 07:36 AM
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Sad Petition against kill shelters, please help!
Hello everybody. I don't currently have a real cat to tell about it, but i got permission to post here links for saving kitties lives from death. I just felt so bad for them, i want more people to sign petitions that help to protect real animals from some humans or organisations... I will start with a petition that caused me to open this new thread. I will add more links to petitions related to cats later.


LINK - http://www.thepetitionsite.com/tell-a-friend/27271577

[Image: 543346-1468283893-wide.jpg]

"Japanese Government: Ban Kill Shelters Now!

They're called "dream boxes," but they don't lead to dreams. They lead to death.

Each year in Japan, animal shelters kill tens of thousands of cats and dogs who are either unwanted pets or strays. Many shelters in the country now use special gas chambers that are supposedly a more humane way to euthanize the animals. But these chambers, called "dream boxes," are anything but humane. Sign Fumiko Bullock's petition demanding the Japanese government ban kill shelters!

To euthanize the dogs and cats, the animals are placed inside the chambers and a door is sealed and locked behind them. Staff begin releasing carbon dioxide into the boxes, and the pets slowly suffocate on the poisonous gas. The process sometimes takes as long as fifteen minutes, and witnesses say the animals frequently struggle to free themselves from the boxes before it's too late.

And even though it is already too late for hundreds of thousands of cats and dogs, we still have time to save others.

Fumiko reminds us in her petition that other countries like Germany have adopted no-cull policies at animal shelters. Japan could be the next country to ban animal culling and become a role model for others to follow.

The Japanese government will only listen if hundreds of thousands of us band together to demand an end to these horrible practices. Will you sign Fumiko's petition now and save these stray cats and dogs?"

LINK - http://www.thepetitionsite.com/tell-a-friend/27271577
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11-08-2016, 01:43 PM
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RE: Petition against kill shelters, please help!
I want to add this petition too:
It's called "Don't let China host the 2019 World Dog Show unless it stops Yulin's dog-meat festivals!"
It's not only dogs, but also cats, though to me it's no difference. Most of them are not strays, but stolen pets. Here are some pictures, not graphic. All of them became meat meals on the festival... Please sign, China shouldn't host dog show while they allow such horrible events....

[Image: 29C6A00E00000578-3131202-Cruel_Images_ta...426318.jpg]
[Image: c7dae626-a276-4ee3-994b-a041c6d17cba?width=300]
[Image: BqELGJ5CEAAEIVU.jpg]
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11-08-2016, 07:04 PM
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RE: Petition against kill shelters, please help!
Sadly there are still kill shelters in the US what about those too?
each year millions are killed, i used to work in a no kill shelter and it's nearly impossible to not kill unwanted animals, no one person can solve the problem
Spay and neuter programs and education are helpful but still many people
don't get it .

I burnt out after many years of doing that work, it's heart breaking and never ending. Change is slow and people need to change their concept that animals /pets are disposable like everything else.

Sad i have a rescue right now living in my cellar, who needs a home , he was tossed out into the snow last jaunary so that is a year he's been in my cellar all by himself, yeah a step up from living outside in the snow freezing and starving but still a lonely life. We can't keep him i have too many cats already from rescues, you just can't keep them all, and this boy was going to be put to sleep because some idiot tried to pick him and carry him, you can't just pick up a strange stray and think you re not going to get bit. I am still not sure how feral this sweet boy is. So that is another issue, he can't just go to any home, he won't be good with childrent at all since likes love nips......... to give them and sometimes they are not so gentle.

[Image: al_114x100t.png]

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11-09-2016, 08:25 AM
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RE: Petition against kill shelters, please help!
Oh this is really sad Sad I know that some shelters exist to recover parrots that became aggressive because of their owners, but they are rare and exotic, and also smart to learn how to be nice with new people. but cats, i think they don't have many chances to get something like this globally, except of adopt/kill, because there are too many of them. There is also a shelter somewhere on kickstarter i think i saw it, it's still new, they place cameras in cages, and people can watch animals, buy them food and medicines and other services until they get adopted, like a social network tamagotchi with live animals, though it's just a dream, i think not many shelters will do like that. Maybe if they give Germany as example, they have some solution? And also spreading the word may sound weak and useless, but it changing the minds slowly. It changed me and people around that i see. Like a growing amount of vegetarian/vegan people (me too). Will they kill or omg eat a cat? Something like this... Or puppy mills, disgusting thing... Virtual breedables are safer heh... That's so good of you that you have a place for that rescue. Maybe if you start contacting him, this alone cat will want to be more tame? And i can't hold furry animals, my bf is allergic to fur and feathers, and our place is too small, even no place to keep some distance with the animal.
(sorry for my english, still learning)
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11-27-2016, 01:25 PM
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RE: Petition against kill shelters, please help!
As long as people don't stop breeding irresponsibly, there will always be a glut of pets (and especially cats as they breed more rapidly than dogs) on the market, which inevitably leads to cats and dogs being put down in shelters because there's simply no place to house them all, and not enough people to adopt them, even were they to not have to charge a cent for it (and adoption fees are already not enough to cover expenses for most shelters).

Of course that doesn't cover situations like China where cats and dogs are bred for food. Personally I don't care about that. While I'd not eat a cat or dog unless it were a last resort (eat that or starve myself kinda situation) I can't blame other cultures for having different attitudes. After all, we eat cows which in India are sacred and Indians are disgusted at us eating them so should we stop doing that too?
Ditto with pigs, Jews and Muslims don't want those eaten (though for other reasons, not because they're cute or holy).

Best you can do is not to protest the shelters that are forced to put down cats and dogs, but to try to change the mindset of the humans that cause the problem that those shelters try to solve by their actions: the unlimited and unbounded breeding of cats and dogs (and to a degree other animals as well, shelter here is sitting on dozens of rabbits they've not been able to find homes for for months now for example).
Spay and neuter, and build understanding of WHY people should do that. Support programs to have subsidised (or even free) spaying of pets for low income people, who're more likely than others to let their pets breed and then dump the mother with her offspring out on the street somewhere, turning them into society's problems to take care of.
It's a long, uphill battle, and until it's won (or at least close to) there will always be more pets coming into shelters than the shelters can humanely house, care for, and find homes for, leaving them with no option but to put down the excess.
And yes, that means in countries that on paper ban the practice too. Except there it can't be done openly, vets and shelter staff have to find other ways. An outbreak of disease leaving animals terminally ill and putting them down "to limit suffering" for example.
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