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Confetti Orangeberry : Post your evidence here
02-04-2017, 12:23 AM (This post was last modified: 04-04-2017 06:24 PM by Kayla Woodrunner.)
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RE: Confetti Orangeberry : Post your evidence here
Yay! beautiful proof Alassariah! congratulations. That finishes off Plumberry and Orangeberry.

forum 12/30/16 Orangeberry dom to Appleberry
forum 1/27/16 Orangeberry dom to cherryberry
forum 5/12/16 Orangeberry dom to Grapeberry
Saga 1/29/16 Orangeberry dom to Tealberry
forum 1/16/17 Orangeberry dom to Tealberry
forum 1/16/17 Orangeberry rec to Blueberry
forum 2/3/17 Orangeberry rec to Plumberry

Orangeberry dom to Appleberry dom to Tealberry
Orangeberry dom to Cherryberry dom to Lemonberry, Limeberry, Tealberry
Orangeberry dom Grapeberry dom to Pinkberry
Orangeberry dom to Tealberry dom to Limeberry

rec to blueberry
rec to plumberry
done dom to appleberry
done dom to cherryberry
done dom to grapeberry
done dom to lemonberry
done dom to limeberry
done dom to pinkberry
done dom to tealberry

Orangeberry rec to Blueberry, Plumberry
Orangeberry dom to Appleberry, cherryberry, grapeberry, lemonberry, limeberry, pinkberry, tealberry

Orangeberry is done. Orangeberry is placed between Plumberry and Cherryberry.

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