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PLEASE start a small KittyCats community in...
08-04-2015, 07:16 PM
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PLEASE start a small KittyCats community in...

I love it there and I want KittyCats there sooo bad. Please come in, get a FREE entire SIM - and start small. Get the kitty script going in there and then bring in a few so the breeding can begin there.

We are working on the currency right now. BUT - you can easily set up payment thru paypal for the purchase of the KittyCats in there.

I'm almost begging... I have two cats here in SL - but I'm in SV alot and I miss having my KittyCats... and I know as things grow there, many will LOVE having a KittyCat to get things going.

This does not have to interfere with SL at all... it's just spreading CATS as they are known to spread in RL... LOL. PLEASE consider it - I know it will go well. Starting small there - but SimValley is there to stay and it is growing - many are coming in.

Please give us cat lovers a new colony of KittyCats...

Huh Please?
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