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KittyCatS! v1.14 patch
11-21-2011, 12:16 AM
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KittyCatS! v1.14 patch
We had to temporarily pause the v.12 update just to quickly fix some little cosmetic issues we found. If you have already updated your cats to v1.12, you can check your cats' menu within 24 hours and click the "get Update" button to get a v1.14 updater sent to you (you wll not get red text!)

If you have not updated to v1.12 yet, wait for the red text to appear, then click your cat's menu to get an updater sent to you.

It's not mandatory to update to v1.14 if you have already updated to v1.12! v1.14 fixes minor cosmetic issues only. Some of what was fixed includes:

- fixed leg in bucket issue. (wrong texture)
- fixed new ball pose to have correct collar rotation
- fixed thin body when being cuddled.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!!!

There's a sucker born every minute, and the stray cats know where we all live!
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