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Bluefish Bay KittyCatS Market - Rental Available
07-14-2021, 03:02 PM
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Rainbow Bluefish Bay KittyCatS Market - Rental Available
[Image: 51312497034_c52dd0a47a_o.png]
Kittycats Market down by the sea.

Bluefish Bay is a family-run Market, by people who have been breeding KittyCatS! for 10+ years. We have 4 Auctions a week, to help drive traffic to the Market, we participate in grid-wide hunts and hold a weekly fishing contest that is open to everyone on the grid.

Our Houseboats are just 1L per prim with a standard size of 100 Prims and can be adjusted down to 75 prims and up to 200 prims per unit. Our Stalls are 25L for 25 Prims

[Image: 51310999402_84370ba796_o.png][Image: 51311744826_99f7eb9e07_o.png]

Sundae Sweet Treats - Kiki Littlepaws-Saito Sunday 10 AM SLT

Royal Kitty Court - Miss Kitty Kat Monday 9 AM SLT

Kitty Twister Tiki Bar & Lounge - with Rayne Morningstar Tuesday 6 PM SLT

Carpe Diem Kitties - Deystire Teardrop Wednesday 7 AM SLT

Colquhoun's Special Events - Patron Auctions and Charity Events

7Seas Fishing Contest 750L Prize Money - Saturday 4 PM SLT

Live Kitty and Menagerie Tables

Discord - https://discord.gg/MBDtqqXAft
Website - http://bluefishbay.us
Calander - https://tinyurl.com/1lsog5gq

Rayne Broome
KittyCatS! Addict! ~ Kitty Breeding Teacher
Manager and Auctioneer at Bluefish Bay!
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