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The Aquarium Auction! Saturdays @10:30AM SLT. Cheetah! Au Natural Direct Hider!!!
09-06-2019, 12:54 AM (This post was last modified: 02-19-2021 11:40 AM by oXDirtyDeeXo Resident.)
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Rainbow The Aquarium Auction! Saturdays @10:30AM SLT. Cheetah! Au Natural Direct Hider!!!
The Aquarium Auction! Saturdays @10:30AM SLT on CatTales! 11 Panels for only 1L, 1 Special Panel, Ap Panel and a weekly Raffle! Come Join us!

9T F Tiger! Golden Ticket with Exotic Journey, Blush, Fussy, Dreamy Fold, Flame and Odyssey FrazzyWave. ~Cindy
9T M Chateau Cat Toffee Caramel with RockTurquoise, Twinkle, Plush, Tiger Fold, Butterscotch Tipped Black and Double Dreamy. ~Occi
9T F Tonkinese Blue Mink Tortie with Odyssey Collision, Porcelain, Fluffy, Tufted, White and Sassy. ~Dee (AP)
9T F Balinese Seal Lynx with Sunset, Twinkle, Mysterious, Rounded, Black and Double Dreamy. ~Cass
7T F Chimera Charcoal Mist with Pewter, Mysterious, Vampire and Chocolate Tipped. ~Colleen
8T M Bengal Tawny with Tapestry Allure, Twinkle, Sassy, Blush Tipped White and Double Dreamy. ~Adana
9T M Ocicat Platinum with Soul Whisper, Blush, Sashay, Tiger Fold, Latte and Swanky Lite. ~Annabel
BOXED - LOVE pEngUinS! - Purple Eel. (Love Collection 2021). ~Eddy
9T F Toyger Coal with Crystal Sun, Flair, Fussy, Mysterious Odyssey Fold, White and Dreamy. ~Lexi
7T F Chimera Black Grey with Twinkle, Super Posh, Odyssey Rounded Boo Boo and 2 Tone Black and White. ~Shajen
9T M Tiger! Shadow with Grey Matter, Twinkle, Super Posh, Soft Curl, Grey Tipped Black and Double Plush. ~Doreen
9T M&F Toyger Blue with Blueberry, Blush, Posh, Soft Curl, Latte and Double Dreamy. ~Nellie
4T M Siamese Seal with Magic Forest, Snappy and Double Snappy. ~Helen
3T F Australian Mist Black with Scotty Fold and Blush Tipped White. (CHEETAH! AU NATURAL HIDER!!!!) ~ Mirsoul

Raffle Info!
Brought By: Bee Falmer (brugesboy)
Price: 50L (ACTIVE)
7T M British Shorthair Chocolate and White with Genesis Bronze, Twinkle, Super Posh, Mysterious Odyssey Fold, White and Fussy.
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