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Regarding Proofs
07-24-2018, 01:33 AM
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RE: Regarding Proofs
No such thing as too many proofs and the great thing about all proofs used being posted on the forum is that everyone can see whats going on and often people do post confirmation proofs.
Many of us post partials as well to keep people updated on where we are with a certain test then return with updates on how we are doing pulling the hid from the partially tested cat.
Often if a proof is a little complicated someone will decifer it and post the info on the thread for future reference and to help out anyone who might be scratching their head and trust me we all do sometimes Smile

I love that this community has embraced the sharing of pedigrees on their way to proofs, these threads are a great learning tool for new breeders and now often show a trait from discovery to placement and the community effort in placing it.

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