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Gacha policy change & KittyCatS Update
09-01-2021, 07:10 PM
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Gacha policy change & KittyCatS Update
Hi Everyone!

With the gacha ban going into effect we have some information we’ve confirmed with LL as to how this will affect KittyCatS.

At this time, since breedables are exempt from the policy change and our starter cats are no transfer, we are not currently affected by the change.

We have reached out to Linden Lab about our collections for further clarification. We will let the community know when we have more information on that. We are confident that no matter what changes may come our way, we can adjust and adapt.

Below is some information with links from the FAQ about breedables:

Q: How are breedables impacted by this policy change?

A: This current policy change and deadline does not apply to breedables or other life simulation products. At the present we are working with external counsel on the subject of breedables. If any action is required we will make a separate announcement and have a separate timeline associated with it.

Q: But what about breedables (again)?

A: If you buy a brown cat, and a blue cat (as examples), as long as you knew you were getting a brown cat and a blue cat at the time of sale, this is acceptable at the present including the various unknown traits they may come with or develop. Secondarily, when those cats make little kittens with unknown outcomes, this is also acceptable. Lastly, the resale of any breedables will require at the time of purchase that the purchaser knows what they are purchasing at the root level (for example, it is a blue cat).

LL clarified when they state 'root level' this means user must know minimum of 2 characteristics they are getting With purchase.
- it’s boy cat. (Boy + cat=2)
- cat with genesis ears and apple eyes. (Ears + eye color + cat =3)
- a cat with a curious tail and natural shade. (Tail + shade + cat =3)

All characteristics must be ON the cat. (Food, vitamins don’t count )

*Hidden traits are not affected by the policy.

Here are the links for reference: https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/e...ing-gacha/

Again, when we get further clarification we will let you know!

We can not advise about secondary market sales and encourage you to read what we provided or reach out to LL for your unique situations.


Your KittyCatS Team!

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”
― Charles Dickens
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