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RE: Build-a-cat - Ivy Norsk - 12-02-2019 11:30 AM

The Pixie Tufted is displaying for me, but also does not have a shadow. Maybe they want to get rid of the shadows going forward. It seems like a pain.
The Pixie Tufted looks exactly like the regular tufted but is merely a bit smaller. The effect is slightly more rounded.

[Image: 49158539313_0077cb4065_c.jpg]PixieTuftedEar

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 12-02-2019 12:47 PM

commit 366e5c554658ae712690cefe6394584fa0ca0a26 (HEAD -> master)
Date: Mon Dec 2 12:38:08 2019 -0600

Added Ears: Pixie Tufted


Pixie Tufted is missing the shadow and, at present, appears to only work with Genesis Ginger II.


The shadow layer is one-to-one with ear shapes, so it's not too hard to keep up since they don't have a lot of ear shapes. It is, however, pretty easy to forget the shadow layer when adding a new ear shape.

The real problem, which is systemic, is the number of Fur / Ear Shape combinations for the Ear/Fur layer.

RE: Build-a-cat - Ivy Norsk - 03-03-2020 11:12 AM

Hi Tad, we have a new collection out (with what promises to be some wild eyes), but before those cats throw their first kittens we would like to have all the traits that were found in the winter collection added to the Build-A-Cat. Here's a list:

Tiger! - Dusky Plum discussed here
Tiger! - Dusky Winkle discussed here

Rock My World discussed here
Starry Ocean Blues discussed here

Whisker Color
Grey Tipped White discussed here It is important for everyone to realize that we now have BOTH White Tipped Grey and Grey Tipped White and they are different whiskers. The new Grey Tipped White is the new most recessive whisker color on the grid.

If I've forgotten any traits let me know.

RE: Build-a-cat - Coverboytoy Resident - 03-04-2020 11:50 AM

Yes there are some new traits that are not on the build a cat web and especially waiting for the rock my world to be added. I use that website everyday.

RE: Build-a-cat - Arwen Swordthain - 03-05-2020 02:58 AM

Had a quick check and noted that these are missing

Dreamy Oasis discussed here

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 03-26-2020 08:16 PM

commit 7cedaa35af083203e5348ce5c7d52fe9e7a7dbc3
Date: Thu Mar 26 21:13:27 2020 -0500

Added Fur: Tiger! - Dusky Plum
Added Fur: Tiger! - Dusky Winkle
Added Eye Color: Dreamy Oasis
Added Eye Color: Rock My World
Added Eye Color: Starry Ocean Blues
Added Whisker Color: Grey Tipped White

RE: Build-a-cat - Ivy Norsk - 05-24-2020 04:15 PM

Hi Tad, more Build-a-Cat stuff for you Smile

Blinking Garden Discussed here
Blinking Octopus Discussed here
Blinking Violet Discussed here
FlowerChild OrangeSkies Discussed here

Special note: an eye called "FlowerChild Lucy" has appeared in the "our eyes" section of the forum but we don't know of any person who has discovered it as a breedable eye. Eleanor got it as a costume eye on one of her Foolin cats. It's not clear if it's loaded into the server system or not. There is no breeding thread for it as it's not officially "discovered" though people have discussed it here and there.

Australian Mist - Black Discussed here
British Shorthair - Chocolate & White Discussed here

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 06-11-2020 12:34 PM

commit 3d2b085a020df1a82b5ae11702ba92e67ec16724
Date: Thu Jun 11 13:25:34 2020 -0500

Added fur: Australian Mist - Black
Added fur: British Shorthair - Chocolate & White
Added eye color: Blinking Garden
Added eye color: Blinking Octopus
Added eye color: Blinking Violet
Added eye color: FlowerChild OrangeSkies
Added eye color: FlowerChild Lucy

commit c9dcf9261656ea2ba8f3a7c2aa5360e8c0e6218c
Date: Thu Jun 11 13:09:01 2020 -0500

Remove dead code

commit 551aba0a9593018020b2fa851612cad6c37c9897
Date: Thu Jun 11 13:07:55 2020 -0500

Added head: Floofy


FlowerChild Lucy worked so I added it.

N.B. Many (most?) furs do not yet exist for Floofy head. As usual, if you actually own a cat which needs the images, and can see the issue in your Pedigree or Cattery, you should file a Support ticket. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for KittyCatS to upload the required images.

RE: Build-a-cat - Ruriko Oanomochi - 06-15-2020 04:19 PM

Thank you for adding the Floofy head! For moments it seems to not be working on some furs and it becomes a transparent silhouette. But im so happy with the tool.

RE: Build-a-cat - Arwen Swordthain - 06-17-2020 05:27 AM

(06-15-2020 04:19 PM)Ruriko Oanomochi Wrote:  Thank you for adding the Floofy head! For moments it seems to not be working on some furs and it becomes a transparent silhouette. But im so happy with the tool.

Tad did say that it might not work on all furs, but that will improve as time goes by and KittyCats add more images. Its a common thing with a lot of new traits at first.