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RE: Build-a-cat - Ivy Norsk - 12-07-2018 09:39 AM

Arwen, I'm not having any trouble seeing any of them. I saw them as soon as I reloaded the site (as opposed as from cache).

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 12-07-2018 12:00 PM

It's also quite possible that some combinations of traits do not, yet, have images on the Pedigree/Cattery pages. So, for eye colors, try different size/shape combinations, for furs, try different ears, etc.

RE: Build-a-cat - Arwen Swordthain - 12-08-2018 04:09 AM

Ok thanks, I'll try again, I thought the eye was seperate image overlaid since I'm seeing closed eyes on the furs but I'll have another look. I did reload the site but it may just be firefox, it increasingly has issues with some sites, because some eyes worked I figured it wasn't Smile
And today they all work fine on the same fur I was trying yesterday. Odyssey Flutterby disappeared when I selected small though so that must be what was going on. Both Curious and Mysterious Big work but small isn't. Thanks Tad and Ivy for your help Smile

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 12-08-2018 07:40 AM

As a reminder: this is a fairly common issue with new traits. Generally, if the combination actually exists in an actual cat, the image will be present. So, usually, waiting a few days and checking again is all you need do. Please do not file tickets for this issue unless you actually own a cat which has missing images.

RE: Build-a-cat - Ivy Norsk - 01-09-2019 03:04 PM

Tad, could you add an eye?

Grey Matter discussed here

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 01-13-2019 10:22 AM

commit 40b1bf69b195cf246c764e260d92a96cb08dcb0b
Date: Sun Jan 13 10:21:29 2019 -0600

Added eye: Grey Matter

RE: Build-a-cat - Ivy Norsk - 03-02-2019 11:12 PM

Tad, we're missing a newish fur, our most recessive:

Chateau Cat - Toffee Caramel discussed here

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 03-03-2019 10:17 AM

commit faa1204fb40a287981fa98013ba7a98442e812a9
Date: Sun Mar 3 10:12:08 2019 -0600

Added fur: Chateau Cat - Toffee Caramel

RE: Build-a-cat - ShannonSpoonhunter Resident - 04-23-2019 07:58 PM

Hi Tad,

Checking on the following new traits:

Eyes: Flowerchild byrds, flowerchild Dylan, flowerchild groovy
Furs: Foxie Snow, Tiger! Pinkie-winkie, Tiger! Powder Blue, Foxy Dusty Slate
Whiskers: Grey-tipped black


RE: Build-a-cat - Arwen Swordthain - 04-26-2019 02:10 AM

Another new eye to add: FlowerChild Woodstock