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RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 06-26-2018 06:18 PM

It's that time of year, again. Time to renew my hosting and domain name packages for Build-A-Cat. If you find Build-A-Cat useful and want to help ensure it continues, please consider sending a donation using the PayPal link on the page. If you don't have, or don't want to use, PayPal but still want to help out, get with Charm and pass her some Lindens.

RE: Build-a-cat - Ivy Norsk - 07-11-2018 07:31 AM

Tad we have new furs!

Tiger! - BubbleGum discussed here
Tiger! - Chartreuse discussed here
Tiger! - Lavender discussed here
Tiger! - Turquoise discussed here

In addition: Eleanor Alias just discovered an eye this morning but it is not displaying. I don't know if it makes sense to add it now or not. Eleanor has filed a ticket.

Meditation Bliss discussed here

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 07-11-2018 10:47 AM

commit f8310592923708d1b66c2737cad5c2a325c9e962
Date: Wed Jul 11 11:44:05 2018 -0500

Added fur: Tiger! - BubbleGum
Added fur: Tiger! - Chartreuse
Added fur: Tiger! - Lavender
Added fur: Tiger! - Turquoise


I'll add the new eye when it's fixed and can be verified working.
Let me know when the other two Tiger furs appear!

RE: Build-a-cat - Ivy Norsk - 07-11-2018 12:42 PM

I don't know that there are going to be any more Tiger! furs. Maybe you know something that I don't.

The eye is working now.
Meditation Bliss

[Image: f4b6f81758ce9c840d58f0288ed1969e.png]
(Photo provided by Eleanor.)

RE: Build-a-cat - Arwen Swordthain - 07-12-2018 01:37 AM

As far as we know there are just the 4 breedable tiger furs, they are different to the ones on the collection cats.
Thank you for getting the furs up so fast now I can see what eyes to put on the ones I got. Think the new eye will be great on the BubbleGum. Smile

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 07-12-2018 06:24 AM

I look at the Rainbow Boy and see they took the time to create 6 colors and think they probably have an offspring for each. Seems like a lot of work just for a leg but nothing at all to take a leg from here, tail from there ...

RE: Build-a-cat - Ivy Norsk - 07-12-2018 02:29 PM

Every time they do a Collection, Callie makes costumes for the cats that are never released as breedable.

There are 10 colors present on the Collection costumes: red, orange, yellow, lime, purple, and blue - which are present as Costume cats in the release, and 4 more which are only present as parts of the rainbow cat costume, but which have also been found as the hiddens: bubblegum, chartreuse, lavender and turquoise. So to be clear, all 10 colors have been seen as a whole cat texture, but some we believe to be "costume" and some "breedable".

RE: Build-a-cat - Luckylady Llewellyn - 09-05-2018 08:51 AM

I just tried Build-a-cat again, using Safari and it is an amazing program which works well with Safari. I believe the iPad issue is that it is a different operating system (IOS). My Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.6 and no chrome is fine with Build-a-Cat. thanks Ted... I enjoy your work! hugs...

Wow cool!
I try it on my IPad now in Safari and chrome but I think it doesn't work on the IPad.
Edit: Ophra mini didn't work either on the Ipad so I think we need flash?

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 09-05-2018 10:07 AM

I've not checked High Sierra recently but, when I did, early this year or late last year, it worked fine.
Charm uses it on her iPhone SE all the time, and I just checked on my iPhone 4s, looks good to me.
Also looks good on an old Android tablet as well, of course, as my Windows 10 and Arch Linux desktops using Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, IE and Edge.
Heck, it even works on IE8 on Windows XP.
ETA: Forgot the grandson has an iPad, so I just raided his desk and checked: looks good there, too.
I used to check Opera, but the desktop version is just Chromium with a couple minor UI changes. Don't have any devices which can run Opera Mini. There are far too many niche and tiny market-share browsers to try them all, so I stick with the ones you're actually likely to meet in Real Life.
It just occurred to me, I have WAY too many computers laying around this house! I remember my friend had a DEC PDP-11 and a TI-990 filling his living room and I used to say I'd never want a computer in my house, much less two. Then the PC model 1 came out. *sigh*
Final edit, promise. Just read the post: No, no flash. The page is a static, single-file web page with the CSS and Javascript directly embedded. The only third-party elements are the Paypal images and, of course, the KittyCatS! images from their Pedigree and Cattery pages. So you can only break it if you disable CSS, disable Javascript, or disable automatic loading of third-party images. I imagine some old browsers (Opera Mini fits that bill, IE4 would, too) won't be able to handle the CSS, Javascript, or the drop-down form elements but there's nothing for that except upgrading to something from this millennia.

RE: Build-a-cat - Arwen Swordthain - 09-11-2018 11:46 AM

Australian Mist - Ginger and Burmilla - Chocolate Caramel both need adding to the site Smile