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RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 11-20-2014 06:07 PM

Added Whisker Shape: Lite Dream

RE: Build-a-cat - Dottie Idlemind - 11-22-2014 12:36 PM

I'd love to see Cognac eyes added. Smile

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 11-22-2014 01:46 PM

Ody Cognac Moon and Wine are in. No others were reported. If there are more I'll need the exact spelling or a link to eye image layer you see in your pedigree or cattery.

RE: Build-a-cat - Dimpz Morane - 11-22-2014 02:08 PM

I'm finding some of the new added traits not showing very well, for example the Lite Dream Whiskers and Ody Rounded Boo Boo ears,
I don't think its my broswer

RE: Build-a-cat - Dottie Idlemind - 11-22-2014 02:27 PM

(11-22-2014 01:46 PM)Tad Carlucci Wrote:  Ody Cognac Moon and Wine are in. No others were reported. If there are more I'll need the exact spelling or a link to eye image layer you see in your pedigree or cattery.

"Cognac" is the exact spelling. I'm not sure if this is the link you need but this is what I found in the source code from my pedigree page: src="../online/images/eyes/Curious_Big/cognac.png

? New Born Kitten

Fur: Bengal - Sorell
Eyes: Cognac (Shape: Curious | Pupil: Big)
Shade: Natural
Tail: Shorty
Ears: Curious
Whiskers: Silver (Shape: Guitar)
Size: Normal

Version: 1.38
Owner: Dottie Idlemind
ID: 663e847f-762a-327b-62a1-59086b40142d

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 11-22-2014 02:45 PM

Added eye color: Cognac

RE: Build-a-cat - Dottie Idlemind - 11-22-2014 02:49 PM

(11-22-2014 02:45 PM)Tad Carlucci Wrote:  Added eye color: Cognac

Thank you! Smile

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 11-22-2014 05:49 PM

I have received a few reports of people having problems with expiring older, cached copies of the Build-a-Cat page.

This is actually a fairly common problem with sites which don't update all that often, so the following suggestions will work with all of them, not just Build-a-Cat ...

For most users, simply refreshing the page by hand will update to the latest version. The refresh button is usually a round arrow near the back and forward buttons at the top of your browser.

If that fails, try removing the page from your browser's history. Most browsers will allow this. Some may not. You could remove all history, but that's usually too drastic, and often loses things you'd rather keep. So, if you can't remove selected pages, or don't know how, skip this.

Some users sit behind "transparent proxies". This is common with mobile access and cable providers. Unfortunately, some providers, in a misguided attempt to reduce network traffic, intentionally mis-configure their web proxies. If the above steps don't get a fresh version of the page, you can usually force the proxy to ignore it's old cached version by adding a query to the URL. Simply change your bookmarks to add a ? to the end: as so Please. however, only do this as a last resort since it will increase your network traffic by forcing a new fetch even when it's not needed.

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 02-22-2015 10:08 AM

A few have asked when the Build-a-Cat page will include the newer trait values.

I depend upon those who use the page to request updates for newer values: either as a post in this thread or as a PM.

Often, simply having the correctly spelled (or, occasionally, the correctly mis-spelled) name. The best information is the full URL for the image, which you can determine using your web browser when examining the Pedigree or Cattery page for a cat showing the trait in the images.

There are nine traits. Of those, Shade and Tail are not shown on the Pedigree and Cattery and, therefore, cannot be shown on the Build-a-Cat page.

To represent the remaining traits, the Pedigree and Cattery (and, therefore, Build-a-Cat) combine them into three images:

- Ears and Fur
- Eye Color, Eye Shape, Pupil Size
- Whisker Color, Whisker Shape

The fourth layer is the white background with a shadow and depends upon Ears.

Often (usually) when a new trait appears, many (most) of the images do not actually exist. This presents two problems

First, it can mean you'll not see the image layer. For the Build-a-Cat page there is nothing to be done about this. If you have the problem on your Pedigree or Cattery, you should file a Support Ticket.

Second, it can make it difficult for me to verify the new trait which has been requested to be added to Build-a-Cat. Sometimes, such as for a new eye color, where the number of options are small, I can poke around and find that the image exists for some shapes/pupils and not others, and will leave it in. When there are a number of possibilities (think all those furs for a new ear shape), I might try a few but I will usually give up and not add the new value. When I cannot determine the correct image URL, note that in my response.

When I finish work, I post a message here listing the traits added (or not added). Some of you may not see the changes immediately. For that, refer to the previous post in this thread.

RE: Build-a-cat - Tad Carlucci - 03-23-2015 03:43 AM

Still waiting for a list of new traits the page is missing.