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Bluefish Bay KittyCatS Market - Rental Available - Rayne Morningstar - 07-14-2021 03:02 PM

[Image: 51312497034_c52dd0a47a_o.png]
Kittycats Market down by the sea.

Bluefish Bay is a family-run Market, by people who have been breeding KittyCatS! for 10+ years. We have 4 Auctions a week, to help drive traffic to the Market, we participate in grid-wide hunts and hold a weekly fishing contest that is open to everyone on the grid.

Our Houseboats are just 1L per prim with a standard size of 100 Prims and can be adjusted down to 75 prims and up to 200 prims per unit. Our Stalls are 25L for 25 Prims

[Image: 51310999402_84370ba796_o.png][Image: 51311744826_99f7eb9e07_o.png]

Sundae Sweet Treats - Kiki Littlepaws-Saito Sunday 10 AM SLT

Royal Kitty Court - Miss Kitty Kat Monday 9 AM SLT

Kitty Twister Tiki Bar & Lounge - with Rayne Morningstar Tuesday 6 PM SLT

Carpe Diem Kitties - Deystire Teardrop Wednesday 7 AM SLT

Colquhoun's Special Events - Patron Auctions and Charity Events

7Seas Fishing Contest 750L Prize Money - Saturday 4 PM SLT

Live Kitty and Menagerie Tables

Discord -
Website -
Calander -

RE: Bluefish Bay KittyCatS Market - Rental Available - Rayne Morningstar - 08-10-2021 06:13 PM

Back to School Blowout Special!

That is it, we are going to do our biggest special we have ever done here at Bluefish Bay. The time is now to get your shop and get ready for the fall season! From August 15, 2021, to September 15, 2021, Buy one month of Rent and get one month Free!! That is right Buy one Get One Free! All you need to do is go to any shop or stall, Pay one month into your rental box, then send a notecard to Kikii Littlepaws with your Stall Number or Slip Number, a copy of your transaction history, and the date you made your payment and within the next 48 hours, one month will be added to your rental!

This is limited to one free month. no other discounts are accepted with this offer.

Again ANY Houseboat or Stall is eligible for this discount it is NOT restricted to new renters. Everyone gets this deal!