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RE: New Eye - Fancie Cobalt Diamond - channing Flanagan - 11-23-2020 04:56 PM

yayyyyy so so cute eleanor glad you got him back

RE: New Eye - Fancie Cobalt Diamond - Eurydice Barzane - 11-23-2020 06:01 PM

Those eyes are gorgeous. It's going to be lovely to have some new fancie eye colours in the mix. I also love that you drug your fancies with Love 10 so they can breed at 11 days. Big Grin I do it until they finish breeding. More jewels = happy but broke Eurydice Smile
Thanks again for the close up pic of the Mum. I'll be dreaming of fur and eye combinations now!

(11-23-2020 05:20 AM)Eleanor8 Resident Wrote:  Still waiting for the kitten to be replaced but this is his mum who has his eyes as part of her costume.

Callie, please, please can we have the whiskers as a breedable trait.

[Image: 1ec5922c43880f115ddd425f0aaa96cd.png]

RE: New Eye - Fancie Cobalt Diamond - Saxoni Fenstalker - 11-24-2020 07:11 AM

Congrats on finding the Fancie Cobalt Diamond eye, Eleanor!! It's really pretty. I just pulled it from my fancie cobalt kitty, also with Grey Matter, so no new info about its recessiveness unfortunately.


RE: New Eye - Fancie Cobalt Diamond - ReecePie Resident - 12-11-2020 06:12 PM

grats on the eye, I just got one today Smile wtg

RE: New Eye - Fancie Cobalt Diamond - nekogao Resident - 12-28-2020 11:49 PM

So lovely!

RE: New Eye - Fancie Cobalt Diamond - Ivy Norsk - 01-23-2021 10:25 AM

Fancie Cobalt eye is dominant to Uber Odyssey.

This proof is from Soundangel Martina/ martina.fiertze.

[Image: 50866286563_c7f2f07fba_b.jpg]FancieCobalt>UberOdyssey
Here we have a very clear bonk and pull. Uber Odyssey is mated with the Fancie Cobalt starter, and the Cobalt shows on the kitten. When mated with a cat with Grey Matter eyes, the hidden is pulled, which is the Uber Odyssey.

RE: New Eye - Fancie Cobalt Diamond - Coverboytoy Resident - 01-24-2021 08:15 PM

Here is proof that Destiny Skyline pulled Fancie Cobolt Diamond. Perhaps Destiny Skyline is recessive to Fancie Cobolt Diamond.

Also this shows that Toyger Caramel was hiding under that Burmilla Latte so it also shows Toyger Caramel is recessive to the Burmilla Latte, but Ivy already posted proof already.

[Image: 7c1a959e2aef74db9e428d7771395636.png]

RE: New Eye - Fancie Cobalt Diamond - Eleanor8 Resident - 04-12-2021 07:47 AM

Fancie Cobalt Diamond is dominant to Blinking Garden.

[Image: 9bbfc64d215d9279c0a5f1528d839073.png]

RE: New Eye - Fancie Cobalt Diamond - Eleanor8 Resident - 04-17-2021 05:40 PM

Fancie Cobalt Diamond is recessive to Fancie Teal Diamond.

There's a chance in the second pedigree that Bobby also has a contribution to the proof. He might be hiding Fancie Indigo Diamond. I'll test breed him from next week.

[Image: 3e1423d737cee2c22e55f51511b64a6a.png]

[Image: 2e7bf5d8479e44841eb031d753b09429.png]

RE: New Eye - Fancie Cobalt Diamond - Ivy Norsk - 04-18-2021 09:32 AM

Eleanor you're being tricksy.
Here we have a single cat, Lailie Cobalt, which, is GUARANTEED to hide the Fancie Cobalt Diamond. So we already know where any Cobalt in the pedigree comes from.
Eleanor breeds it twice - with the SAME cat Mal - with two different results.

The first pedigree is the proof: Lailie throws hidden Fancie Cobalt, Mal throws the shown Fancie Teal Diamond and the Teal Diamond covers the Cobalt. Teal is dominant to Cobalt. Done.
The second pedigree is kind of a teaser. There's a sense in which it functions as the proof that Lailie Cobalt hides Fancie Cobalt - but we already knew that from virtue of Lailie being a Fancie Toyger Cobalt cat.
But this time in the mating, the Cobalt eye shows, and so it must be Mal's hidden eye that pulled it. As we can see, that *might* be Magnolia's Fancie Indigo Diamond, which would give us a nice tight range and suggest that the new fancie eyes are going to end up right by the old fancie eyes.