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Emerald Jems - Buying - Coverboytoy Resident - 09-08-2020 03:06 PM

If anyone of you are willing to part your emerald gem for 700L, please IM or send me a notecard in game.

I just need 14 to reach my goal.

If you have 14 off the bat now, I'll pay 750L each.

RE: Emerald Jems - Buying - Coverboytoy Resident - 11-12-2020 09:35 PM

I'm still needing emeralds and if you are selling any, please IM me in game. I'm willing to pay 700-750L but price is negotiable.

Username: coverboytoy

RE: Emerald Jems - Buying - channing Flanagan - 11-13-2020 01:39 PM

is looking for jewels.... would be willing to trade for cats or buy a bulk of jewels at a reasonable sensible price thanks guys