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RE: Super Fussy Tail? New? - AlenoraM Resident - 03-20-2019 02:08 AM

The pair that gave me the first Super Fussy did it again .. this time a boy.

RE: Super Fussy Tail? New? - kittylips2012 Resident - 03-20-2019 08:07 AM

Here is my Super Fussy tail boy

RE: Super Fussy Tail? New? - AlenoraM Resident - 03-24-2019 02:53 AM

lovely congrats

RE: Super Fussy Tail? New? - Ellen Ireland - 03-24-2019 06:00 AM

Woo hoo, just got my first Super Fussy tail this morning, yay! (a Special Love baby)

RE: Super Fussy Tail? New? - AlenoraM Resident - 03-27-2019 05:10 AM

I found out that the Super Fussy tail was a direct hider on the mom ... the Sweet Cat SoulMate ... a starter. YAY

RE: Super Fussy Tail? New? - ReecePie Resident - 04-03-2019 10:57 PM

[img]<a href=""><img src="" alt="Image from Gyazo" width="1188"/></a>[/img]

Not sure if this pic will work, still have no one to tell me how to do it. I have tried everything I know, but thought maybe this would help with what pulls the tail etc. Thanks

RE: Super Fussy Tail? New? - Ivy Norsk - 04-04-2019 06:52 AM

The status of the Super Fussy is that it is recessive to Fluffy and dominant to Sashay.
In actual practice, people have been pulling it with SuperPosh, but nobody has been able to give us a smoking gun proof with a cat that shows Super Fussy and hides SuperPosh.
The real mystery is where Super Fussy lies in relationship to Lush.

For images, the board uses BBcode.. the [img][/img], not the url <a href>.. as far as I know, and you add the .png to the end of the gyazo link. I tend to share bb code from flickr.

RE: Super Fussy Tail? New? - Arwen Swordthain - 04-04-2019 09:00 AM

Heres Reeces image posted inline

[Image: 7a47538344fb2b24dec0e70271cf7277.png]

Format for posting gyazos is [img]PASTE GYAZO LINK WITH NO SPACES.png[/img]

so basically add [img] to the front of the link then add .png[/img] to the end of it in this case the link text is make sure theres a space before the first [ and after the last ] and it should work.

heres a gyazo of how the text should look before you post and it turns into the image

[Image: 1b4d6df90e3131b95ff09775fee93587.png]

RE: Super Fussy Tail? New? - AdonisLubomir Resident - 04-13-2019 04:24 PM

[Image: 945ccc4aa98ce95db08e58fccb9bd8e8]

RE: Super Fussy Tail? New? - Julinah Resident - 04-15-2019 05:52 AM

Super Fussy is dominant too Lush

[Image: 24430g1.png]

[Image: r8z1om.png]