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Found - thank you - Eleanor8 Resident - 02-18-2019 07:46 PM

Looking for a live Meditation Bliss Boy (under 108 days old).

I'd like to find one to use with one of my starters who is currently 108 days old to hopefully help place Ody Flutterby. Unfortunately my only live boy with Meditation Bliss will age out before she hits 100% (she had a kitten tonight so she has some way to go) and it's really too late to open a box.

I don't mind the other traits the cat has (or hasn't) and could swap the cat for a boxed Meditation Bliss Boy (or girl), it's just the eye I would like to test against the starter before it's too late.

Please contact me in world if you have a suitable boy. Account name is Eleanor8 Resident.