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Looking to Trade Sweetcats 2 - Xxotic Cyberstar - 02-17-2019 04:22 PM

Greetings Kitty Lovers!

I have these two to trade -


1 Male C'mere's (Dark Purple)
1 Female Hubba Hubbas (Yellow)

I will trade you for whatever for any other color. Hit me up inworld if you need one of these.

Contact me inworld please!
Xxotic Cyberstar

RE: Looking to Trade Sweetcats 2 - LadyBlackDiamond2013 Resident - 02-19-2019 06:22 AM

I see you want a hot stuff female, Wowza girl and a soul mate boy. I have these cats, I need the C'mere girl/boy and hubba hubba girl which i see you have. Would like to do trades of these cats if you still have yours. Let me know, thanks. Tazzy.
I did message you inworld and send you a notecard, Maybe you get cappedas I do and im uk timezone so maybe missed being online sametime.