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The [CaT] AuctionSys HUD - Tijakool Yiyuan - 09-06-2018 11:04 AM

The [CaT] AuctionSys HUD

[Image: opened.png]

This HUD works with a technique called MoaP (Media on a Prim), which involves the web-browser in your
SL-Viewer. To use this HUD you need a MoaP-capable viewer and you have to allow it to run
java script in it.

This HUD tries to automate as much as possible and make auctions easier then ever. It is part
of a system which can be expanded with controllable panels, our mats and other utils.
Using our mats put the cat-info, start-bid and stage-state into the HUD and also provides you with a powerful stage-listing,
extended pedigrees and a link to your stage on our auction-scheduler.

For a Demonstration inworld visit our [CaT] HQ
[Image: Snapshot-010.png]
and/or write a IM to our [Cat] Support Michelle Woodget.

The [CaT] AuctionSys HUD Manual Webpage

RE: The [CaT] AuctionSys HUD - Tijakool Yiyuan - 03-06-2020 10:17 AM

*Update Version aviable*