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Naming SL cats for RL cats that are gone - Prokofy Neva - 11-14-2017 11:26 AM

I had to put my aging and sick RL kitties down, it has been a very sad week.

So I decided to take the next two kittycat newborns and name them for my cats who died. They don't look like them but have some similarities.

Now I do a double take when I see those names inworld and I wish I hadn't done this. I think it was probably a bad idea and I'm thinking of sending them to the Menagerie.

It's funny, I had a long time friend who passed away and I named a cat for him who was born literally in the hour that the friend died. And I can imagine that he is "talking to me" through the names of his children (the only truly random thing you get from the kitties, as the other chat is pre-programmed). Somehow, it doesn't bother me to see my old friend as a cat -- I have another cat I also named for a mutual friend of ours and I think it's great that they are immortalized as artificially-intelligent cats in a virtual world -- they were both mathematicians and they would only chuckle at it and take an interest.

But somehow with my actual RL cats, I don't feel good about it.

What has the experience been of other people?

RE: Naming SL cats for RL cats that are gone - 999ShadowCat999 Resident - 11-14-2017 01:29 PM

you did that too early.
I remember when my cats went over the rainbow bridge, i needed some months to be able to look at pictures of them again without getting emotional.

I can name kittycats or other game characters after them now, as some time passed by