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My Justine - katsiaryne Resident - 10-14-2017 03:11 PM

i have three kitties, all rescues, and justine is my youngest - now about a year old. she and the other animals from her old home were removed from their owner due to severe abuse. however, justine has overcome her rough start to life and is a super happy cat, always with her sticky-up tail and bright eyes. she's the smartest cat i've ever seen. whenever treats are hidden in drawers or high cupboards, she'll figure out how to climb up and open the doors or drawers. she's now trained to do some "tricks" like using her scratching pads or vertical scratches before getting treats, and recognises each command. she's also really attuned to people's feelings, very cuddly and supportive during difficult times. once, one of my stray cats brought an injured field mouse over, which i tried to save. when it died, i was obviously a bit sad and justine brought me her toy catnip mouse, pushed it over to me with one paw and then carried it over to drop it in my lap. Smile she also likes to perch above my desk and "help" with homework by warming my papers.

RE: My Justine - TasPanda13 Resident - 06-29-2019 10:51 PM

soo cute and fluffy!!