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Coincidence? Bad Luck? Glitch? Share your story! - AstridSolace Resident - 02-09-2017 11:14 PM

So I have been breeding the same two cats with a very reasonable hope of getting a boy and a girl breeding pair, and they have just given yet another female, currently the 9th in a row. Repeatedly bangs head against wall.

Has anyone else matched or even beat this ' all one gender' record? Or do you have a similar KittyCat breeding story of woe or frustration or just wryly funny you would like to share? Or perhaps you have a tale of strange triumph, such as, all special sizes, or multiple twins from a breeding pair.[Image: 73162a07326e1e74d4b68c1a329d2cb7.png]

RE: Coincidence? Bad Luck? Glitch? Share your story! - HappyDaize Resident - 02-10-2017 08:12 AM

It happens. I had a RFL Steampunk Male that I was almost certain hid what then would have been the new most recessive whisker. I bred that cat for his entire breeding lifetime and he aged out without ever producing a female offspring. With no female, I was unable to breed back to him, nor do a sibling breeding to try to pull out that potentially hidden recessive.

On a more recent note... I had nine consecutive female kittens drop this month. The only male kitten box I had before last evening had dropped on 2/1. Every box for the next eight days was a female. So yes, things like this happen -- long strings of the same result occur. It's normal, but frustrating.

RE: Coincidence? Bad Luck? Glitch? Share your story! - Arwen Swordthain - 02-11-2017 05:00 AM

I have a similar thing from a starter opened at halloween, I pulled Scotty Fold with Scotty Fold rather fast but every baby hiding the ear was a boy same as the starter so a backbreed was impossible until a girl finally droped 7 weeks ago, unfortunately she and her brother are reluctant to pass the hidden and confirm if its Scotty Fold or something more recessive which I now know would be Equine.
I had another starter last year pass 15 genesis pearl boxes before finally passing AS Cream & White Tabby on his final box. Extraordinarily frustrating.
I think certain cats just delight in mking us tear our fair out Smile

RE: Coincidence? Bad Luck? Glitch? Share your story! - Oselkhandro Resident - 02-11-2017 02:32 PM

Awwww..maybe all girls, but those are sure pretty kittens! I have never had a run of all one gender, myself. I sure hope that you get your boy!

RE: Coincidence? Bad Luck? Glitch? Share your story! - Aubreygrace Starlight - 02-12-2017 08:12 AM

Boy do I have afew to tell about!
I had portable food go copy delete, I didn' bother filing a ticket cause i have so much of it LOL, I did have a gyazo shot of it somewhere.

I also had my chestnut hider starter fall kitty just age out gave me only 2 with the fur, and sadly i sold those. The hider I did get from him has produced only girls, and has given the fur about once or twice, no hiders.

I also have my soul sparkler fall kitty about to age out without ever passing fur and never prodced a hider.
It seems a few of my fall ones aren't passing fur or eye, even when backbred and havent given me hiders so it's been very frustrating. But the iwnter cas have gieven me some of the new stuff from fall right away so that's a blessing lol

My confettis from the first time i bred them never gave me anything but genesis. I tried again last year, they gave me a pink mega but sadly i sold it and it never passed a color or cocoberry again.
Ive just had a string of bad luck lately LOL

also i tend to get more sizes from sized cats, one of my winter cats has given me all sizes, even the special baby. so crazy huh?